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Learning Support

USC Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity

The Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity (KCLC) applies and engages in research and training to serve individuals with diverse learning needs and to empower all USC students to reach their full academic and creative potential. KCLC offers outreach, programming and individual coaching services to promote understanding of learning differences and their potential to facilitate creativity and academic excellence.

The KCLC is located in Student Union 311 and can be reached by email at or at (213) 740-7884. For more information, visit the website at

Office of Student Accessibility Services

Federal law defines a disability as a “substantial limitation in one or more major life activities.” (ADAAA, 2008). The Office of Student Accessibility Services (OSAS) is the unit at USC responsible for ensuring equal access for students with disabilities in compliance with state and federal law. The OSAS team is committed to serving the USC community through: ensuring equal access, removing disability-related obstacles, supporting civil rights, and increasing education and awareness on behalf of students with disabilities.

OSAS engages in an interactive review process to determine appropriate accommodations for each student, factoring in the student’s request, the nature of the student’s disability, functional limitations of the disability, the supporting documentation, and the fundamental requirements of courses, programs of study, and the University. After conducting initial interviews, OSAS staff work with students to identify barriers (physical, digital, procedural) that affect access and to remove or mitigate them, through the provision of accommodations. A department of the Division of Student Life, OSAS works closely with other support, advocacy and counseling departments and resources on campus to best support student needs.

Important Note for Students: If you require accessible materials, please inform OSAS as soon as you know which classes you will be taking well in advance since it may take several weeks to convert and prepare materials.

You may contact OSAS by visiting in GFS 120, calling (213) 740-0776, emailing or reviewing the website for more information.

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