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University Policies

University Policies

USC’s policy website contains all university policy, including links to the Integrity and Accountability Code and the USC Student Handbook.
Office for Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX (EEO-TIX)

Academic Probation

An undergraduate or Limited Status student whose overall GPA falls below 2.0 is placed on academic probation. Continued enrollment requires clearance from an academic review counselor. While on academic probation, students must seek departmental and school advisement prior to registration each semester. The Academic Review and Retention Office will only accept official, completed Academic Review Advisement Record forms as verification of advisement.

Note: Students on academic probation may use Web Registration to plan their schedules only. To register for classes, probation students must first obtain approval from the Academic Review and Retention Office.

The Academic Review and Retention Office cannot process original registration requests during the third week of classes, session 001. In addition, any registration changes must have all approvals (Department clearance, prerequisite waiver, etc.) entered in the Student Information System (SIS) by 5 p.m. on the registration deadline of session 001 (Add/Drop).

Mandatory Advisement

A number of academic departments require students to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration for a term. Students pursuing majors that require mandatory advisement may not register until they have met with their academic advisor and the advisor has released their advisement obligation in the student information system.

Leave of Absence Policy

The university has implemented a program designed to assist students who find it necessary to take a leave of absence from their studies at USC. This procedure has been designed to ease the transition for students, both at the time they take a leave of absence and upon their eventual return to the university. For more information or to request a leave of absence packet, please contact your academic advisor. More information can be found at

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