Geological Sciences 150Lg:

Climate Change (4.0 units)

Exploration of factors that influence climate and the scientific basis for concern about rising greenhouse gases, the threat to human society know as global warming.
  • General Education: This course satisfies the university's general education requirement.
  • Note: Register for lecture and one lab
24920R001Lecture10:00-10:50amMWF56 of 135Lowell StottSAL101PDF (263670 KB)notesession dates
24923R001Lab8:00-9:50amFriday9 of 15Adit GhoshZHSB63session dates
24925R001Lab10:00-11:50amTuesday6 of 15Brian SchlaffZHSB63session dates
24926R001Lab10:00-11:50amThursday5 of 15Thaomy VoZHSB63session dates
24928R001Lab12:00-1:50pmTuesday3 of 15Thaomy VoZHSB63session dates
24929R001Lab12:00-1:50pmThursday3 of 15Thaomy VoZHSB63session dates
24930R001Lab12:00-1:50pmFriday12 of 15Adit GhoshZHSB63session dates
24931R001Lab2:00-3:50pmFriday7 of 15Adit GhoshZHSB63session dates
24932R001Lab4:00-5:50pmTuesday7 of 15Brian SchlaffZHSB63session dates
24934R001Lab6:00-7:50pmTuesday4 of 15Brian SchlaffZHSB63session dates
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