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Spring 2023

Chemistry 322aL:

Organic Chemistry (4.0 units)

Chemistry of the carbon compounds of the aliphatic and aromatic series; laboratory preparation of typical compounds of both series.
  • Prerequisite: 1 from (CHEM 105B or CHEM 108 or CHEM 115B)
  • Note: Register for lecture, quiz, one disc and one lab. Discussion is lecture for lab. There may not be more spots added to your desired lab time. However, keep checking back. Set a reminder to check back here and submit a D-clearance request form on January 1st to join the wait list for your desired lab section - Dr. Moore (
17390R001Lecture11:00-11:50amMWF212 of 240Thomas BertoliniSGM124notesession dates
17392R001Discussion12:00-12:50pmThursday85 of 135SGM124session dates
17394R001Discussion1:00-1:50pmThursday127 of 135SGM124session dates
17396R001Quiz3:30-4:50pmMonday212 of 240SGM124session dates
14 of 14
Jennifer MooreSGM204session dates
17400D001Lab9:30-12:20pmTuesday13 of 14Jennifer MooreSGM204session dates
17402D001Lab9:30-12:20pmTuesday11 of 13Jennifer MooreSGM204session dates
17406D001Lab12:30-3:20pmTuesday16 of 20Jennifer MooreSGM204session dates
17407D001Lab12:30-3:20pmTuesday19 of 20Jennifer MooreSGM204session dates
17408D001Lab12:30-3:20pmTuesday19 of 21Jennifer MooreSGM204session dates
17410D001Lab12:30-3:20pmTuesday20 of 21Jennifer MooreSGM209session dates
17412D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday19 of 21Jennifer MooreSGM209session dates
17414D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday19 of 20Jennifer MooreSGM204session dates
17416D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday20 of 21Jennifer MooreSGM204session dates
17417D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday20 of 21Jennifer MooreSGM204session dates
17426D001Lab4:00-6:50pmWednesday22 of 27Jennifer MooreSGM204session dates
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