USC Schedule of Classes

Fall 2022

Physics 173L:

Applied Physics III: Topics in Modern Physics (4.0 units)

Quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, solid-state physics. Emphasizes applications in the areas of applied physics and engineering.
50790D001Lecture10:00-10:50amMon, Wed19 of 72Grace LuSLH100session dates
50792R001Discussion3:00-3:50pmTue, Thu3 of 36Rehan KapadiaKAP144session dates
50793R001Discussion4:00-4:50pmTue, Thu16 of 36Rehan KapadiaKAP163session dates
50794R001Lab8:00-10:50amFriday8 of 10Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50795R001Lab11:00-1:50pmFriday6 of 10Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50796R001Lab2:00-4:50pmFriday5 of 10Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
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