USC Schedule of Classes

Fall 2022

Physics 135bL:

Physics for the Life Sciences (4.0 units)

Fundamental laws and principles of physics emphasizing areas related to life sciences. Prerequisite for Biological Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. Lecture, 4 hrs.; Lab, 3 hrs. (Duplicates credit in 105abLg and 125L).
50362R001Lecture12:00-12:50pmMWF35 of 93Hamid ChabokSLH102session dates
50360R001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu53 of 93Hamid ChabokSLH102notesession dates
50361R001Quiz5:00-6:20pmTuesday88 of 224TBAsession dates
50367R001Lab11:00-1:50pmTuesday7 of 16Gokhan EsirgenKAPB11session dates
16 of 16
Gokhan EsirgenKAPB11session dates
16 of 16
Gokhan EsirgenKAPB11session dates
50370R001Lab2:00-4:50pmThursday13 of 16Gokhan EsirgenKAPB11session dates
50371R001Lab2:00-4:50pmFriday9 of 16Gokhan EsirgenKAPB11session dates
50372R001Lab5:00-7:50pmWednesday14 of 16Gokhan EsirgenKAPB11session dates
50373R001Lab5:00-7:50pmThursday13 of 16Gokhan EsirgenKAPB11session dates
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