USC Schedule of Classes

Spring 2022

Electrical and Computer Engineering 565:

Information Theory and Its Application to (Big) Data Science (4.0 units)

Entropy and mutual information. Variable and fixed-length, lossless and lossy compression. Universal compression. Text and multimedia compression. Channel capacity. Error-correcting codes. Erasure and Gaussian channels.
30866D034Lecture12:00-1:50pmMon, Wed2 of 20Urbashi MitraDEN@Viterbisession dates
30890R048Lecture12:00-1:50pmMon, Wed9 of 44Urbashi MitraOHE100Bsession dates
30951R034Discussion9:00-9:40amFriday2 of 20DEN@Viterbisession dates
31130R048Discussion9:00-9:50amFriday9 of 44OHE136session dates
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