USC Schedule of Classes

Spring 2022

Electrical and Computer Engineering 561:

Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (4.0 units)

Foundations of symbolic intelligent systems, search, logic, knowledge representation, planning, learning.
  • Crosslist: This course is offered by the CSCI department but may qualify for major credit in EE. To register, enroll in CSCI 561.
30071D048Lecture5:00-7:20pmWednesday228 of 240Wei-Min ShenSGM124PDF (126269 KB)session dates
30070R048Discussion7:30-8:20pmWednesday228 of 240SGM124session dates
30034R048QuizTBATBA228 of 240OFFICEsession dates
29936D034Lecture5:00-7:20pmWednesday28 of 50Wei-Min ShenDEN@ViterbiPDF (126269 KB)session dates
30030R034Discussion7:30-8:20pmWednesday28 of 50DEN@Viterbisession dates
30035R034QuizTBATBA28 of 50DEN@Viterbisession dates
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