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Spring 2022

Electrical and Computer Engineering 202L:

Linear Circuits (4.0 units)

Lumped circuit elements; network equations; zero-input and zerostate responses; sinusoidal steady-state analysis; impedance; resonance; network functions; power concepts; transformers; Laplace transforms.
  • Corequisite: MATH 245
  • Note: Register for one lecture, one lab, and one discussion.
30426D001Lecture10:00-11:50amTue, Thu61 of 80Susan SchoberGFS116notesession dates
30430R001DiscussionTBATBA61 of 80OFFICEsession dates
30425R001Lab4:00-5:50pmMonday41 of 55OHE230session dates
30429R001Lab6:00-7:50pmMonday20 of 52OHE230session dates
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