Computer Science 591:

Computer Science Research Colloquium (1.0 units, max 2)

Exploration and critical assessment of research activities in computer science. Course will serve as a forum for current research presentations from academia and industry. Graded CR/NC.
  • Note: This course will NOT always meet at the assigned times. Refer to the CS Department Calendar at for scheduled colloquium talks.
30076D048Lecture4:00-5:20pmTue, Thu72 of 220Lizsl De Leon,
Angela Inostroza-Hoffman
SGM124notesession dates
30222D048Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu39 of 40Lizsl De Leon,
Angela Inostroza-Hoffman
OHE132session dates
30223D034Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu21 of 30Lizsl De Leon,
Angela Inostroza-Hoffman
DEN@Viterbisession dates
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