USC Schedule of Classes

Spring 2022

Computer Science 102L:

Fundamentals of Computation (2.0 units)

Fundamental concepts of algorithmic thinking as a primer to programming. Introduction to C++.
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29908D001Lecture11:00-11:50amMon, Wed108 of 115Mohammad Reza RajatiZHS159PDF (155540 KB)notesession dates
30201D001Lecture10:00-10:50amMon, Wed46 of 115Mohammad Reza RajatiZHS159PDF (155540 KB)notesession dates
30225R001Lab4:30-5:20pmTuesday12 of 29Mohammad Reza RajatiMRF229session dates
30248R001Lab12:00-12:50pmTuesday27 of 29Mohammad Reza RajatiCPA257session dates
30250R001Lab11:00-11:50amWednesday9 of 29Mohammad Reza RajatiCPA157session dates
30253R001Lab12:00-12:50pmWednesday28 of 29Mohammad Reza RajatiCPA158session dates
30254R001Lab1:00-1:50pmWednesday28 of 29Mohammad Reza RajatiVHE206session dates
30255R001Lab4:30-5:20pmTuesday4 of 29Mohammad Reza RajatiKAP140session dates
29 of 29
Mohammad Reza RajatiTHH108session dates
30258R001Lab4:00-4:50pmTuesday17 of 29Mohammad Reza RajatiKAP148session dates
30025R001Quiz7:00-8:50pmWednesday154 of 230Mohammad Reza RajatiTBAsession dates
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