Uploading Syllabi and Bios

Instructions for Faculty and Staff to Upload Syllabi and Bios

Course syllabi and links to instructor biographies may now be published online, through the Schedule of Classes. Please add your syllabus and biography link for the upcoming semester. Granting access to these syllabi allows instructors to communicate expectations and gives students valuable course information prior to the start of the semester.


  1. Log in to MyUSC (my.usc.edu)
  2. Find the Syllabus Updater on your dashboard
  3. Select the term you wish to access
  4. Click on Add Syllabus and follow the instructions to upload a file for each course on your list


  1. Contact the Registrar’s Office (registrar@usc.edu) if you are new as a scheduling coordinator. In your message, include your NetID and the department prefix that you will support (example: CHEM).
  2. Log in to MyUSC (my.usc.edu) once the Registrar’s Office has enabled your account to upload syllabi.
    Find the Syllabus Updater on your dashboard.
  3. Select the term you wish to access, then click the instructor name associated with the course. If there is no instructor associated with the course, the department Schedule of Classes coordinator will need to assign one before a syllabus can be added.
  4. Find the course in the instructor’s list, click Add Syllabus next to the associated section, and follow the instructions to upload the file.

Please note that syllabus files can be in Microsoft Word or PDF format, and the file size may be up to 2 MB. If you can access the system, but have problems uploading, please contact webhelp@usc.edu.

Courses in summer session 1 (May 19 – June 29) will be taught mostly online. Some in-person courses will be offered in the summer session 2 (June 30 – August 10). To verify whether the course will be taught remotely or in-person, please locate the course in the Schedule of Classes and check under the Location column. Additional information regarding summer is available. Read more »