Materials Science 110L:

Materials Science (4.0 units)

Chemical bonding and structure in crystalline, amorphous and molecular solids; tendency and mechanisms for chemical change; homogeneous and heterogeneous equilibria.
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32100D001Lecture10:00-10:50amMWF54 of 56Ed GooZHS352notesession dates
32101D001Lecture11:00-11:50amMWF50 of 56Ed GooZHS352notesession dates
32102R001Discussion3:30-4:20pmMonday25 of 30Ed GooVHE206session dates
32104R001Discussion3:30-4:20pmTuesday27 of 30Ed GooCPA211session dates
30 of 30
Ed GooVHE206session dates
32108R001Discussion3:30-4:20pmThursday22 of 30Ed GooKAP148session dates
16 of 16
Ed GooPCE103session dates
32120R001Lab1:00-2:50pmMonday15 of 16Ed GooPCE103session dates
16 of 16
Ed GooPCE103session dates
32124R001Lab1:00-2:50pmThursday13 of 16Ed GooPCE103session dates
32128R001Lab10:30-12:20pmThursday12 of 16Ed GooPCE103session dates
16 of 16
Ed GooPCE103session dates
16 of 16
Ed GooPCE103session dates
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