USC Schedule of Classes

Fall 2021

Electrical and Computer Engineering 538:

Computing Principles for Electrical Engineers (2.0 units)

Survey of computing principles and practice of software design: object-oriented and non object-oriented, testing, template libraries, time-space complexity, data structures, algorithms, and dynamic programming.
    30753R048Lecture2:30-4:20pmFriday28 of 35Arash SaifhashemiZHS252PDF (394595 KB)session dates
    30758R048Lecture6:30-8:20pmFriday21 of 35Arash SaifhashemiZHS252PDF (394595 KB)session dates
    30759R048Lecture4:30-6:20pmFriday22 of 35Arash SaifhashemiZHS252PDF (394595 KB)session dates
    30751R048Discussion4:00-5:20pmWednesday22 of 40Arash SaifhashemiKAP163session dates
    30757R048Discussion6:00-7:20pmWednesday25 of 35Arash SaifhashemiKAP148session dates
    30761R048Discussion6:00-7:20pmThursday24 of 35Arash SaifhashemiKAP148session dates
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