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Fall 2021

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American Studies and Ethnicity (AMST)

  • D class assignments for undergraduates available in KAP; Phone: (213) 740-9135.
  • Please send your request for D-Clearance for undergraduate and graduate courses to Be sure to provide your student ID, section number(s), current major, and class year/standing. Please ensure that you register for a class for which you have D-clearance by the registration deadline, or your D-clearance will EXPIRE. American Studies and Ethnicity "R" courses change to "D" in the second week of classes, and require both instructor and departmental approval. YOU MUST ATTEND THE FIRST SESSION of each course or you may be replaced by a student on the waiting list, even if you are registered. Thank you for selecting a course within the American Studies and Ethnicity department. We look forward to seeing you in class.
Information accurate as of March 10, 2022 2:00 pm.
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