USC Schedule of Classes

Summer 2021

Industrial and Systems Engineering 560:

Analysis of Algorithms (4.0 units)

Explores fundamental techniques such as recursion, Fourier transform ordering, dynamic programming for efficient algorithm construction. Examples include arithmetic, algebraic, graph, pattern matching, sorting, searching algorithms.
  • Crosslist: This course is offered by the CSCI department but may qualify for major credit in ISE. To register, enroll in CSCI 570.
29910R901Lecture11:00-1:50pmMWTh18 of 100Victor AdamchikZHS163 & ONLINEfeesession dates
29911R901DiscussionTBATBA18 of 100TBAsession dates
29912R901QuizTBATBA18 of 100TBAsession dates
29913R902Lecture3:00-5:50pmTuWTh77 of 100Shahriar ShamsianONLINEfeesession dates
29914R902DiscussionTBATBA77 of 100TBAsession dates
29915R902QuizTBATBA77 of 100TBAsession dates
29940D909Lecture11:00-1:50pmMWTh0 of 30Victor AdamchikDEN@Viterbifeesession dates
29941R909DiscussionTBATBA0 of 30DEN@Viterbisession dates
29942R909QuizTBATBA0 of 30DEN@Viterbisession dates
29943D910Lecture3:00-5:50pmTuWTh12 of 30Shahriar ShamsianDEN@Viterbifeesession dates
29944R910DiscussionTBATBA12 of 30DEN@Viterbisession dates
29945R910QuizTBATBA12 of 30DEN@Viterbisession dates
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