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Fall 2020

Electrical and Computer Engineering 503:

Probability for Electrical and Computer Engineers (4.0 units)

Rigorous coverage of probability, discrete and continuous random variables, functions of multiple random variables, covariance, correlation, random sequences, Markov chains, estimation, and introduction to statistics. Duplicates credit in former EE 464 and EE 465.
    30453D073Lecture10:00-11:50amMon, Wed
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    Konstantinos PsounisONLINEfeesession dates
    30587D073Lecture2:00-5:50pmFriday28 of 46Bart KoskoONLINEPDF (146815 KB)feesession dates
    30588R073Discussion4:00-4:50pmWednesday28 of 46Bart KoskoONLINEsession dates
    30789D034Lecture10:00-11:50amMon, Wed4 of 22Konstantinos PsounisDEN@Viterbifeesession dates
    31399R034Discussion10:00-10:50amFriday4 of 22Konstantinos PsounisDEN@Viterbisession dates
    30580D073Lecture10:00-11:50amTue, Thu
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    Maryam ShanechiONLINEfeesession dates
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    Maryam ShanechiONLINEsession dates
    30689R073Lecture10:00-11:50amMon, Wed44 of 87Konstantinos PsounisONLINEfeesession dates
    30699R073Discussion10:00-10:50amFriday47 of 87Konstantinos PsounisONLINEsession dates
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