Production 582a:

Advanced Production Seminar (2.0 units)

Advanced individual film or video projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor, without benefit of university equipment or resources. Qualifying courses: CTPR 532 (for directors); CTPR 558 (for producers). Graded IP/Letter.
18731D037LectureTBATBA0 of 5Brenda GoodmanOFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
18732D037LectureTBATBA0 of 5OFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
18733D037LectureTBATBA0 of 5OFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
18734D037LectureTBATBA0 of 5OFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
18735D037LectureTBATBA0 of 5OFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
18736D037LectureTBATBA0 of 5OFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
18737D037LectureTBATBA0 of 5OFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
18841D921LectureTBATBA0 of 5OFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
18843D921LectureTBATBA1 of 5Mark HarrisOFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
19071D921LectureTBATBA1 of 5Brenda GoodmanOFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
19121D044LectureTBATBA1 of 10Tom MillerOFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
19122D044LectureTBATBA0 of 10OFFICE & ONLINEsession dates
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