Physics 153L:

Fundamentals of Physics III: Optics and Modern Physics (4.0 units)

Geometrical optics, interference, diffraction, special relativity, quantum mechanics, atomic physics, solid state physics. Lecture: 3 hours; Laboratory: 3 hours.
  • Prerequisite: PHYS 152
  • Note: Register for lecture, one lab and quiz
50420R001Lecture9:00-9:50amMWF26 of 90Christopher GouldSLH102notesession dates
50422R001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu71 of 90Gerd BergmannSLH100notesession dates
50423R001Quiz5:00-6:20pmThursday96 of 180TBAsession dates
50426R001Lab8:00-10:50amTuesday8 of 13Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50427R001Lab8:00-10:50amWednesday5 of 8Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50428R001Lab8:00-10:50amThursday6 of 14Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50430R001Lab11:00-1:50pmTuesday10 of 13Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50431R001Lab11:00-1:50pmThursday8 of 9Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
9 of 9
Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50433R001Lab2:00-4:50pmTuesday4 of 11Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50434R001Lab2:00-4:50pmWednesday7 of 9Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50435R001Lab2:00-4:50pmThursday7 of 10Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50436R001Lab2:00-4:50pmFriday10 of 11Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50437R001Lab5:00-7:50pmTuesday14 of 16Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
50438R001Lab5:00-7:50pmWednesday8 of 10Gokhan EsirgenKAPB29session dates
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