Law 511a:

Legal Writing (1.0-2.0 units)

Two-semester course focusing on developing analytic and communication skills. Lawyers will analyze legal principles and incisively apply them to facts. Graded CR/D/F.
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following major(s): Law, Gerontology/Juris Doctor, Juris Doctor/Business Administration, Law/Business Taxation, Juris Doctor/Communication Management, Juris Doctor/Communications Management, Law/Economics, Law/International Relations, Juris Doctor/Public Administration, Juris Doctor/Public Policy, Juris Doctor/Political Science, Law/Philosophy, Law/Real Estate Development, Law/Religion, Juris Doctor/Religion and Social Ethics, Law/Social Work
04029D9682.0Lecture8:00-8:50amTue, Thu
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Christine GonongLAW107session datesbook list
04030D9682.0Lecture8:00-8:50amTue, Thu13 of 15Yunah ChungLAW130session datesbook list
04031D9682.0Lecture8:00-8:50amTue, Thu12 of 14Tammy HongLAW223session datesbook list
04032D9682.0Lecture9:00-9:50amTue, Thu
14 of 14
Preston AscherinLAW106session datesbook list
04033D9682.0Lecture9:00-9:50amTue, Thu14 of 15Charlie SarosyLAW114session datesbook list
04034D9682.0Lecture2:00-2:50pmTue, Thu12 of 13Pamela ChinLAW106session datesbook list
04035D9682.0Lecture4:00-4:50pmTue, Thu
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Deborah WeissLAW103session datesbook list
04036D9682.0Lecture4:00-4:50pmTue, Thu14 of 15Robert LuLAW107session datesbook list
04037D9682.0Lecture4:00-4:50pmTue, Thu14 of 15Diana KwokLAW223session datesbook list
04038D9682.0Lecture5:00-5:50pmTue, Thu
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Elaine ZhongLAW106session datesbook list
04039D9682.0Lecture5:00-5:50pmTue, Thu13 of 15LAW118session datesbook list
04040D9682.0Lecture5:00-5:50pmTue, Thu12 of 13Stephen SmithLAW223session datesbook list
04260D5292.0Lecture2:00-2:50pmTue, Thu
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Pamela ChinLAW106session dates
04261D5292.0Lecture5:00-5:50pmTue, Thu
2 of 2
Stephen SmithLAW223session dates
04275D5292.0Lecture9:00-9:50amTue, Thu
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Preston AscherinLAW106session dates
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