Computer Science 585:

Database Systems (4.0 units)

Database system architecture; conceptual database models; semantic, object-oriented, logic-based, and relational databases; user and program interfaces; database system implementation; integrity, security, concurrency and recovery. Recommended preparation: Knowledge of relational databases, SQL, relational algebra and physical database design is required. Open only to graduate students.
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following class level(s): Master Student, Doctoral Student
29946D905Lecture12:00-2:10pmMWF38 of 40Olivera GrujicOHE100Bfeesession dates
29995D905Lecture12:00-2:10pmMWF19 of 40Olivera GrujicKAP145feesession dates
29947R905DiscussionTBATBA57 of 120OFFICEsession dates
29948R905QuizTBATBA57 of 120OFFICEsession dates
29952D942Lecture12:00-2:10pmMWF20 of 22Olivera GrujicDEN@Viterbifeesession dates
29949R942DiscussionTBAMWF20 of 22Olivera GrujicOFFICEsession dates
29951R942QuizTBATBA20 of 22OFFICEsession dates
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