Computer Science 567:

Machine Learning (4.0 units)

Statistical methods for building intelligent and adaptive systems that improve performance from experiences; Focus on theoretical understanding of these methods and their computational implications. Recommended preparation: Undergraduate level training or coursework in linear algebra, multivariate calculus, basic probability and statistics; an undergraduate level course in Artificial Intelligence may be helpful but is not required.
    29930D902Lecture1:00-3:50pmTuWTh45 of 70Victor AdamchikOHE132feesession dates
    29931R902DiscussionTBATBA45 of 70OFFICEsession dates
    29962R902QuizTBATBA45 of 70OFFICEsession dates
    29932D910Lecture1:00-3:50pmTuWTh6 of 15Victor AdamchikDEN@Viterbifeesession dates
    29933R910DiscussionTBATBA6 of 15OFFICEsession dates
    29963R910QuizTBATBA6 of 15OFFICEsession dates
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