Writing Comedy and Social Commentary

Section 65500

  • Note: This course examines how being humorous allows authors and comics to tackle subjects in their work that might otherwise seem taboo, and how this freedom provides a unique opportunity for social commentary and critique. One particular emphasis is understanding how comedic authors balance the need to entertain an audience with their efforts to provide insight on controversial issues. Throughout the semester students will explore aspects of writing and argumentation by analyzing a range of comedic texts, and will have the opportunity to produce original work in a variety of comedic genres (rants; scripts; stand-up routines; sketches; etc.). To download information about the course as well as a D-Clearance application, visit https://classes.usc.edu/term-20191/classes/writ/ and click the "syllabus" icon section 65500. Email your application to bunnm@usc.edu. Please NOTE that students must have completed (or currently be enrolled) in either WRIT 340 or CORE 112 as a prerequisite.
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    Monday, January 7, 2019
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