Policy, Planning and Development 546:

Capstone in Public Administration (4.0 units)

Constitutionally accountable and ethical practice, individually and organizationally; applications of core competencies; practical inquiry, analysis, systems; comparative frameworks; citizenship and public service. Prerequisite: PPD 540 and PPD 545 and PPD 542 or PPD 557. Open only to master and doctoral students.
  • Prerequisite: (PPD 540 and PPD 545) and 1 from (PPD 542 or PPD 557)
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following class level(s): Master Student, Doctoral Student
51209D061Lecture2:00-5:20pmThursday17 of 20Diane YoderRGL215notesession dates
28 of 28
G Foster KerrisonVKC200session dates
51401D530LectureTBATBA26 of 30Lois TakahashiSACRAMENTOnotesession dates
51464D593LectureTBATBA11 of 25Dr Dora Kingsley VertentenONLINEnotesession dates
51504D001Lecture6:00-9:20pmThursday36 of 37Juliet MussoVPD112session dates
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