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Spring 2019

Physics 135aLg:

Physics for the Life Sciences (4.0 units)

Fundamental laws and principles of physics emphasizing areasrelated to life sciences. Prerequisite for Biological Sciences,Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy. Lecture, 4 hrs.; Lab, 3 hrs.
  • Prerequisite: 1 from (MATH 108 or MATH 125 or MATH 126 or MATH 226)
  • General Education: This course satisfies the university's general education requirement.
  • Note: Register for lecture, quiz and one lab. This course carries GE credit but it is intended for a specific group of students rather than a general student audience. It is part of the curriculum for majors and pre-professional students.
50340R001Lecture10:00-11:50amMon, Wed107 of 128Moh El-NaggarSLH200PDF (180343 KB)notesession dates
50341R001Quiz5:00-6:20pmTuesday107 of 128TBAsession dates
50346R001Lab8:00-10:50amTuesday12 of 14Gokhan EsirgenKAPB5session dates
50347R001Lab11:00-1:50pmTuesday11 of 14Gokhan EsirgenKAPB5session dates
50348R001Lab2:00-4:50pmTuesday10 of 14Gokhan EsirgenKAPB5session dates
50349R001Lab2:00-4:50pmWednesday20 of 21Gokhan EsirgenKAPB5session dates
50350R001Lab5:00-7:50pmWednesday21 of 24Gokhan EsirgenKAPB5session dates
50351R001Lab8:00-10:50amThursday13 of 14Gokhan EsirgenKAPB5session dates
50352R001Lab11:00-1:50pmThursday19 of 22Gokhan EsirgenKAPB5session dates
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