Gender Studies 301mg:

Feminist Theory: an Introduction (4.0 units)

Theories of feminism; historical, social and cultural perspectives of the women's movement in America, Europe, and in developing countries; men's roles in the feminist movement.
  • General Education: This course satisfies the university's general education requirement.
  • Diversity: This course satisfies the university's diversity requirement.
  • Note: This course carries GE credit but it is intended for a specific group of students rather than a general student audience. Gender Studies majors and minors can obtain D-clearance through the department.
34919D001Lecture-Discussion11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu22 of 25Diana BlaineTHH213notesession dates
34924D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed112 of 120Karina KarakusMHP101session dates
34925R001Discussion9:00-9:50amFriday24 of 25SOSB37session dates
25 of 25
SOSB37session dates
34928R001Discussion11:00-11:50amFriday23 of 25SOSB37session dates
34929R001Discussion1:00-1:50pmFriday22 of 25SOSB37session dates
34930R001Discussion2:00-2:50pmFriday18 of 20VKC109session dates
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