Social Work 589b:

Applied Learning in Field Education (3.0 units)

Supervised field education where students learn to apply coursework concepts while practicing in a field setting that aligns with students academic department. Concurrent enrollment SOWK 588. Graded IP/CR/NC. (Duplicates credit in SOWK 586b)
67238D735LectureTBATBA17 of 20Jacquelyn Williams BrooksVACnotesession dates
67239D735LectureTBATBA8 of 20Cherie HudsonVACPDF (233695 KB)notesession dates
67240D735LectureTBATBA17 of 20Traysi HandelVACWord (154138 KB)notesession dates
21 of 20
Jennifer PargaVACnotesession dates
67242D735LectureTBATBA8 of 20Regina SiezVACnotesession dates
67243D735LectureTBATBA9 of 20Monica PuentesVACPDF (455694 KB)notesession dates
67244D735LectureTBATBA20 of 24Adele KelsoVACnotesession dates
67245D735LectureTBATBA16 of 20Renee CampbellVACnotesession dates
67246D735LectureTBATBA10 of 20Karen GreenVACPDF (448902 KB)notesession dates
67247D735LectureTBATBA17 of 20Linda LongVACnotesession dates
67249D735LectureTBATBA14 of 20Maria DugganVACnotesession dates
67251D735LectureTBATBA8 of 20Patricia BabcockVACnotesession dates
67613D735LectureTBATBA9 of 20Vivian De La RosaVACnotesession dates
67763D735LectureTBATBA7 of 20Eileen LemusVACnotesession dates
67764D735LectureTBATBA9 of 20Aracely GonzalezVACnotesession dates
67765D735LectureTBATBA9 of 20Mary BaronVACPDF (1712008 MB)notesession dates

Concurrent Course
SOWK 588: Integrative Learning for Social Work Practice (2.0 units)

Integrative learning organized as a small group educational environment that incorporates field experiences, case vignettes, and dialogical inquiry through a Problem Based Learning framework. Graded CR/NC. (Duplicates credit in former SOWK-587ab)
    67216D735Lecture10:15-11:30amMonday9 of 10Jacquelyn Williams BrooksVACWord (127140 KB)notesession dates
    67217D735Lecture12:00-1:15pmMonday8 of 10Jacquelyn Williams BrooksVACWord (127140 KB)notesession dates
    67218D735Lecture4:00-5:15pmMonday7 of 10Cherie HudsonVACPDF (230755 KB)notesession dates
    67219D735Lecture5:45-7:00pmMonday9 of 10Vivian De La RosaVACnotesession dates
    67220D735Lecture7:00-8:15amTuesday7 of 10Traysi HandelVACWord (137759 KB)notesession dates
    10 of 10
    Traysi HandelVACWord (137613 KB)notesession dates
    10 of 10
    Jennifer PargaVACWord (117895 KB)notesession dates
    11 of 10
    Jennifer PargaVACWord (117923 KB)notesession dates
    67224D735Lecture4:00-5:15pmThursday8 of 10Regina SiezVACnotesession dates
    67225D735Lecture5:45-7:00pmThursday7 of 10Eileen LemusVACWord (137432 KB)notesession dates
    67226D735Lecture4:45-6:00pmWednesday9 of 10Monica PuentesVACPDF (329900 KB)notesession dates
    67227D735Lecture6:30-7:45pmWednesday9 of 10Aracely GonzalezVACnotesession dates
    10 of 10
    Adele KelsoVACnotesession dates
    10 of 10
    Adele KelsoVACnotesession dates
    67230D735Lecture7:00-8:15amFriday5 of 10Renee CampbellVACWord (125323 KB)notesession dates
    11 of 10
    Renee CampbellVACWord (125538 KB)notesession dates
    67232D735Lecture8:45-10:00amTuesday9 of 10Karen GreenVACPDF (329733 KB)notesession dates
    67233D735Lecture4:00-5:15pmWednesday9 of 10Linda LongVACnotesession dates
    67234D735Lecture4:00-5:15pmThursday9 of 10Linda LongVACnotesession dates
    67235D735Lecture8:45-10:00amTuesday9 of 10Maria DugganVACPDF (450461 KB)notesession dates
    67236D735Lecture4:00-5:15pmWednesday6 of 10Maria DugganVACPDF (450461 KB)notesession dates
    67237D735Lecture4:00-5:15pmThursday8 of 10Patricia BabcockVACnotesession dates
    67611D735Lecture2:15-3:30pmThursday9 of 10Mary BaronVACPDF (485089 KB)notesession dates
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