Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy 500a:

Clinical Problems in Occupational Therapy (2.0-4.0 units)

Specific applications of occupational therapy practice in varied clinical/health settings. Seminar to integrate theory with application of treatment principles for various dysfunctional conditions. Graded CR/NC.
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following major(s): Occupational Therapy, Occupational Science
  • Note: Section 47793 - Faculty Prictice **** Section 47794 - Living w/MS **** Section 47795 - Mental Health - Section 47796 - Substance Abuse **** Section 47798 - Autism **** Section 47799 - IND Study
47793D046LectureTBATBA0 of 14OFFICEnotesession dates
47794D046Lecture8:30-1:50pmFriday11 of 12Rebecca CunninghamCHP139notesession dates
47795D046LectureTBATBA2 of 5Deborah PittsOFFICEnotesession dates
47796D046LectureTBATBA0 of 8OFFICEnotesession dates
47798D046Lecture9:00-11:00amFriday4 of 7Emily OchiCHP113Anotesession dates
47799D046LectureTBATBA1 of 5Deborah PittsOFFICEnotesession dates
47800D046LectureTBATBA0 of 5OFFICEsession dates
47801D046LectureTBATBA1 of 5Karen ParkOFFICEsession dates
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