USC Schedule of Classes

Spring 2018

Composition 133b:

Theory I (3.0 units)

a: Notation, scales, intervals; introduction to counterpoint;harmonic principles of the common practice period; analysis,written work. b: Continuation of 133a; elements of form;application of analysis to performance. Concurrent registration inAural Skills required.
42776D001Lecture8:00-9:50amTue, Thu18 of 20Sarah GibsonBMH200session dates
42777D001Lecture8:00-9:50amTue, Thu19 of 21Bryan KostorsMUS102BPDF (194341 KB)session dates
42778D001Lecture8:00-9:50amTue, Thu18 of 20Chris RozeMUS303session dates
42779D001Lecture8:00-9:50amTue, Thu
20 of 20
Veronika KrausasMUS204session dates
42780D001Lecture8:00-9:50amTue, Thu15 of 20Georgi DimitrovTMCG128session dates
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