Journalism 307:

Reporting and Writing II (4.0 units)

Report, write, produce and distribute in-depth stories produced off beats on multiple platforms for diverse audiences; enhance understanding of news judgment; develop and maintain sources; engage communities through field reporting and emerging digital tools.
  • Prerequisite: JOUR 207 and JOUR 321
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following major(s): Broadcast and Digital Journalism, Journalism, Print and Digital Journalism
  • Note: Register for lecture and one LAB
  • Concurrent enrollment: JOUR 320
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Shaghayegh Tayefe Mohajer,
Sandra Kazarian
ASC240notesession dates
21121D001Lecture9:00-12:20pmMonday12 of 13Kingsley Smith,
Carolina Garcia
ANN413session dates
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Rebecca Haggerty,Laura CastanedaANN413session dates
21123D001Lecture2:00-5:20pmWednesday13 of 14Myra Turner,Lata PandyaANN413session dates
21124D001Lecture9:00-12:20pmThursday6 of 15Shaghayegh Tayefe Mohajer,
Shirley Jahad
ANN308session dates
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ANN102session dates
21093D001Lab11:00-2:50pmMonday3 of 4ANN102session dates
21094D001Lab3:00-6:50pmMonday3 of 4ANN102session dates
21096D001Lab11:00-2:50pmTuesday3 of 4ANN102session dates
21097D001Lab3:00-6:50pmTuesday2 of 4ANN102session dates
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ANN102session dates
21118D001Lab2:00-5:50pmWednesday3 of 4ANN102session dates
21119D001Lab8:00-11:50amThursday1 of 4ANN102session dates
21129D001Lab8:00-11:50amMonday3 of 4ANN102session dates
21130D001Lab11:00-2:50pmMonday2 of 4ANN102session dates
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ANN102session dates
21132D001Lab8:00-11:50amTuesday0 of 4ANN102session dates
21133D001Lab11:00-2:50pmTuesday1 of 4ANN102session dates
21134D001Lab2:00-5:50pmTuesday3 of 4ANN102session dates
21135D001Lab8:00-11:50amWednesday1 of 4ANN102session dates
21136D001Lab11:00-2:50pmWednesday2 of 4ANN102session dates
21137D001Lab3:00-6:50pmWednesday2 of 4ANN102session dates
21138D001Lab8:00-11:50amThursday2 of 4ANN102session dates
21139D001Lab11:00-2:50pmThursday2 of 4ANN102session dates
21146D001Lab3:00-6:50pmThursday3 of 4ANN102session dates
21147D001Lab8:00-11:50amTuesday1 of 4ANN102session dates
21182D001Lab11:00-2:50pmWednesday3 of 4ANN102session dates
21183D001Lab2:00-5:50pmThursday3 of 4ANN102session dates
21198D001Lab11:00-2:50pmThursday2 of 4ANN102session dates

Concurrent Course
JOUR 320: Introduction to Coding for Storytelling (2.0 units)

Introduction to basic web technologies; conceive, design, code and produce an advanced multimedia story package.
  • Prerequisite: JOUR 207 and JOUR 321
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following major(s): Broadcast and Digital Journalism, Journalism, Print and Digital Journalism
21171D001Lecture6:00-8:20pmThursday8 of 12Channing JosephANN308session dates
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Peggy BustamanteANN308session dates
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Peggy BustamanteANN308session dates
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Keith PlocekANN308session dates
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Jonathan SchleussANN413session dates
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