Industrial and Systems Engineering 790:

Research (1.0-12.0 units)

Research leading to the doctorate. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.
    31594D048LectureTBATBA1 of 10Jong-Shi PangOFFICEfeesession dates
    31701D048LectureTBATBA1 of 10Qiang HuangOFFICEfeesession dates
    31702D048LectureTBATBA2 of 10Meisam RazaviyaynOFFICEfeesession dates
    31708D048LectureTBATBA2 of 10Yong ChenOFFICEfeesession dates
    31709D048LectureTBATBA2 of 10Phebe VayanosOFFICEfeesession dates
    31710D048LectureTBATBA1 of 10Suvrajeet SenOFFICEfeesession dates
    31711D048LectureTBATBA0 of 10OFFICEfeesession dates
    31712D048LectureTBATBA0 of 10OFFICEfeesession dates
    31790D048LectureTBATBA0 of 10OFFICEfeesession dates
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