History 240gp:

History of California (4.0 units)

A thematic approach to California history from precontact to present; focus on peoples, environment, economic, social, and cultural development, politics, and rise to global influence.
  • General Education: This course satisfies the university's general education requirement.
  • Note: Register for lecture and one discussion
37040D001Lecture8:30-9:50amMon, Wed101 of 148Philip EthingtonMRF340notesession dates
37032D001Discussion10:00-10:50amWednesday23 of 25Jillaine CookVKC151session dates
37033D001Discussion11:00-11:50amWednesday18 of 24Jillaine CookVKC151session dates
37034D001Discussion12:00-12:50pmWednesday20 of 25Yesenia HunterVKC151session dates
37035D001Discussion1:00-1:50pmWednesday19 of 25Yesenia HunterVKC151session dates
37037D001Discussion10:00-10:50amFriday13 of 25Gary SteinVKC210session dates
37038D001Discussion11:00-11:50amFriday8 of 25Gary SteinVKC210session dates
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