Electrical Engineering 562:

Random Processes in Engineering (3.0 units)

Random vectors, sequences, and functions. Linear transformations, second moment theory, spectral densities, narrowband processes, Gaussian processes, correlation detection, linear minimum mean square error estimation. Prerequisite: EE 441 and EE 503. (Duplicates credit in former EE 562a.)
30867D034Lecture12:30-1:50pmMon, Wed2 of 20Urbashi MitraDEN@Viterbifeesession dates
30991R048Lecture12:30-1:50pmMon, Wed25 of 28Urbashi MitraOHE120feesession dates
30865R034Discussion3:30-4:20pmTuesday2 of 20DEN@Viterbisession dates
30891R048Discussion3:30-4:20pmTuesday25 of 40OHE132session dates
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