Data Sciences and Operations 599:

Special Topics (1.0-3.0 units, max 9)

Selected topics reflecting current trends and recent developments in data sciences, operations management, supply chain management and/or decision support systems. Open only to graduate business students. Duplicates credit in former IOM-599.
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following major(s): Law/Business Taxation, Medicine/Business Administration, Accounting, Business Administration, Business Administration/East Asian Area Studies, Business Administration/Education, Business Administration/Industrial & Systems Engineering, Business Administration/Jewish Nonprofit Management, Business Administration/Pharmacy, Business Administration/Planning, Business Administration/Real Estate Development, Business Administration/Social Work, Business Taxation, Finance, Global Supply Chain Management, Juris Doctor/Business Administration, Gerontology/Business Administration
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following class level(s): Master Student, Doctoral Student
  • Note: Sections 16265 and 16266 and 16267 and 16299 are MS Business Analytics core courses, and are intended for students admitted to the MS Business Analytics program only. However if any seats are available, other Marshall graduate students can register via USC Web Registration. If the class is full, Marshall graduate students can submit a completed Wait List Request form to These sections are not available to non-Marshall graduate students.
SQL Databases for Business Analysts
16265R4111.5Lecture2:00-4:50pmTuesday50 of 52Shijian GengJKP212PDF (279255 KB)notesession dates
SQL Databases for Business Analysts
16266R4111.5Lecture2:00-4:50pmThursday45 of 52Shijian GengJKP212PDF (279255 KB)session dates
NoSQL Databases in Big Data
16267R4151.5Lecture2:00-4:50pmTuesday71 of 75Shijian GengJKP212session dates
NoSQL Databases in Big Data
16299R4151.5Lecture2:00-4:50pmThursday0 of 55Shijian GengJKP212session dates
Getting the Organization Ready for Big Data
16317R0333.0Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed27 of 52Milan MiricJKP102Word (144742 KB)session dates
Getting the Organization Ready for Big Data
Milan MiricWord (144742 KB)session dates
Digital Foundations for Business Innovation
16320R4151.5Lecture6:30-9:20pmThursday40 of 50Vivek Sharma,
Brian Macdougall
JKP212PDF (218624 KB)session dates
Statistical Methodology and Machine Learning
16326R0333.0Lecture6:30-9:30pmThursday20 of 78Jason LeeJKP110session dates
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