USC Schedule of Classes

Spring 2018

Computer Science 455x:

Introduction to Programming Systems Design (4.0 units)

Intensive introduction to programming principles, discrete mathematics for computing, software design and software engineering concepts. Not available for credit to computer sciencemajors, graduate or undergraduate.
  • Note: Register for lecture and one lab
30327D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu143 of 154Claire BonoSGM124notesession dates
29919R001Lab5:00-6:50pmThursday27 of 30Claire BonoSAL126session dates
29923R001Lab7:00-8:50pmThursday24 of 30Claire BonoSAL126session dates
30029R001Lab1:00-2:50pmThursday29 of 32Claire BonoSAL109session dates
30329D001Lab3:00-4:50pmThursday32 of 33Claire BonoSAL126session dates
30384D001Lab2:00-3:50pmFriday30 of 32Claire BonoSAL127session dates
29934D014Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu17 of 25Claire BonoDEN@Viterbisession dates
30023R014LabTBATBA17 of 25Claire BonoDEN@Viterbisession dates
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