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Spring 2018

Chemistry 051x:

General Chemistry Tutorial (2.0 units)

Structured tutorial for selected students in CHEM 105bL. Strong emphasis on chemical mathematics and key concepts in general chemistry. Topics parallel lectures in CHEM 105bL.
  • Prerequisite: CHEM 105a
  • Note: Course not available for degree credit
  • Concurrent enrollment: CHEM 105B
17202D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmTuesday11 of 45Jessica ParrSGM601notesession dates

Concurrent Course
CHEM 105bL: General Chemistry (4.0 units)

Fundamental principles and laws of chemistry; laboratory work emphasizes quantitative procedures. Prerequisite to all more advanced courses in chemistry. Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory and discussion, 4 hours. Quiz, 1 hour. Prerequisite: one year of high school chemistry; CHEM-105aLg or 115aLg.
  • Prerequisite: 1 from (CHEM 105A or CHEM 115A)
  • Note: Register for one lecture, quiz and one lab. For lecture questions, email For lab section number ending in "D", email Dr. Skibo ( with your name, USC ID #, and lab day/time(s) in order of preference. Concurrent enrollment in CHEM 051 General Chemistry Tutorial (2 units) is available to selected students in CHEM 105b.
17256R001Lecture9:00-9:50amMWF66 of 200Rebecca Broyer,Mark ThompsonSGM123PDF (160303 KB)notesession dates
17258R001Lecture10:00-10:50amMWF53 of 201Mark Thompson,Rebecca BroyerSGM123PDF (160303 KB)session dates
17260R001Lecture11:00-11:50amMWF186 of 200Rebecca Broyer,Jessica ParrSGM123PDF (160303 KB)session dates
17262R001Quiz3:30-4:50pmThursday306 of 600SGM123session dates
17268D001Lab11:00-1:50pmTuesday8 of 9SGM133A/Bsession dates
17270D001Lab11:00-1:50pmTuesday5 of 8SGM133A/Bsession dates
17272D001Lab11:00-1:50pmTuesday8 of 9SGM136A/Bsession dates
6 of 6
SGM136A/Bsession dates
17276D001Lab12:00-2:50pmWednesday14 of 16SGM136C/Dsession dates
17278D001Lab12:00-2:50pmWednesday12 of 14SGM136C/Dsession dates
17280D001Lab12:30-3:20pmTuesday13 of 16SGM136C/Dsession dates
14 of 14
SGM136C/Dsession dates
14 of 14
SGM133A/Bsession dates
17290D001Lab1:00-3:50pmMonday11 of 14SGM133A/Bsession dates
17292D001Lab1:00-3:50pmMonday9 of 10SGM136A/Bsession dates
8 of 8
SGM136A/Bsession dates
17296D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday14 of 16SGM136A/Bsession dates
17298D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday8 of 16SGM136A/Bsession dates
17300D001Lab2:00-4:50pmMonday13 of 16SGM136C/Dsession dates
16 of 16
SGM136C/Dsession dates
14 of 14
SGM133A/Bsession dates
17306D001Lab2:00-4:50pmTuesday17 of 18SGM133A/Bsession dates
17308D001Lab2:00-4:50pmTuesday16 of 18SGM136A/Bsession dates
17310D001Lab2:00-4:50pmTuesday10 of 12SGM136A/Bsession dates
17312D001Lab3:00-5:50pmWednesday13 of 14SGM136C/Dsession dates
17314D001Lab3:00-5:50pmWednesday5 of 6SGM136C/Dsession dates
17320D001Lab4:00-6:50pmMonday12 of 14SGM133A/Bsession dates
10 of 10
SGM133A/Bsession dates
14 of 14
SGM136A/Bsession dates
17326D001Lab4:00-6:50pmMonday8 of 10SGM136A/Bsession dates
17328D001Lab4:00-6:50pmWednesday7 of 9SGM136A/Bsession dates
17330D001Lab4:00-6:50pmWednesday7 of 8SGM136A/Bsession dates
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