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Fall 2017

Mathematics 118xg:

Fundamental Principles of Calculus (4.0 units)

Derivatives; extrema. Definite integral; fundamental theorem of calculus. Extrema and definite integrals for functions of several variables. Not available for credit toward a degree in mathematics. Prerequisites: MATH 108 or MATH 117 or placement exam in MATH.
  • Prerequisite: 1 from (MATH 108 or MATH 117)
  • General Education: This course satisfies the university's general education requirement.
  • Note: Register for one lecture and one discussion listed immediately following that lecture
39429D001Lecture9:00-9:50amMWF48 of 49Jianfeng ZhangKDC240notesession dates
39430D001Discussion10:00-10:50amTue, Thu23 of 25GFS108session dates
39431D001Discussion11:00-11:50amTue, Thu
25 of 25
GFS108session dates
39432D001Lecture10:00-10:50amMWF43 of 49Guillaume DreyerKDC240session dates
39433D001Discussion2:00-2:50pmTue, Thu23 of 25GFS108session dates
39434D001Discussion3:00-3:50pmTue, Thu20 of 25GFS108session dates
39435D001Lecture10:00-10:50amMWF36 of 49Chunming WangSOSB4session dates
39436D001Discussion12:00-12:50pmTue, Thu19 of 25GFS108session dates
39437D001Discussion1:00-1:50pmTue, Thu17 of 25GFS108session dates
39438D001Lecture11:00-11:50amMWF42 of 49Felicia TabingVKC102session dates
39439D001Discussion8:00-8:50amTue, Thu18 of 25GFS108session dates
39440D001Discussion9:00-9:50amTue, Thu24 of 25GFS108session dates
39441D001Lecture12:00-12:50pmMWF48 of 49Michael HallVKC152PDF (95292 KB)session dates
39442D001Discussion8:00-8:50amTue, Thu23 of 25GFS109session dates
39443D001Discussion9:00-9:50amTue, Thu
25 of 25
GFS109session dates
39444D001Lecture12:00-12:50pmMWF45 of 49Paul TokorcheckTHH114session dates
39445D001Discussion2:00-2:50pmTue, Thu23 of 25GFS109session dates
39446D001Discussion3:00-3:50pmTue, Thu22 of 25GFS109session dates
39447D001Lecture1:00-1:50pmMWF43 of 49Cymra HaskellGFS118session dates
39448D001Discussion10:00-10:50amTue, Thu22 of 25GFS109session dates
39449D001Discussion11:00-11:50amTue, Thu21 of 25GFS109session dates
39450D001Lecture1:00-1:50pmMWF44 of 49 (1 on waitlist)Paul TokorcheckTHH116session dates
39451D001Discussion2:00-2:50pmTue, Thu23 of 26GFS213session dates
39452D001Discussion3:00-3:50pmTue, Thu21 of 25GFS213session dates
39453D001Lecture2:00-2:50pmMWF48 of 49Michael HallMHPB7BPDF (95292 KB)session dates
39454D001Discussion10:00-10:50amTue, Thu24 of 25GFS213session dates
39455D001Discussion11:00-11:50amTue, Thu24 of 25GFS213session dates
39426D001Lecture9:00-9:50amMWF45 of 49Felicia TabingZHS352session dates
39427D001Discussion8:00-8:50amTue, Thu21 of 25GFS105session dates
39428D001Discussion9:00-9:50amTue, Thu24 of 25GFS105session dates
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