Journalism 490x:

Directed Research (1.0-8.0 units, max 12)

Individual research and readings. Not available for graduate credit.
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following class level(s): Junior, Senior
21390D001LectureTBATBA1 of 12Laura Davis,
Jennifer De La Fuente
OFFICEsession dates
21391D001LectureTBATBA2 of 12Gabriel KahnOFFICEsession dates
21392D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Alan AbrahamsonOFFICEsession dates
21393D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Amara AguilarOFFICEsession dates
21394D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Sasha AnawaltOFFICEsession dates
21395D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Daniel BirmanOFFICEsession dates
21397D001LectureTBATBA2 of 12Peggy BustamanteOFFICEsession dates
21398D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Laura CastanedaOFFICEsession dates
21399D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12William CelisOFFICEsession dates
21400D001LectureTBATBA1 of 12Lisa Pecot-HebertOFFICEsession dates
21404D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Geoffrey CowanOFFICEsession dates
21405D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Laura DavisOFFICEsession dates
21409D001LectureTBATBA2 of 12Robert HernandezOFFICEsession dates
21410D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Henry JenkinsOFFICEsession dates
21412D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Jonathan KotlerOFFICEsession dates
21415D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12OFFICEsession dates
21416D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Tim PageOFFICEsession dates
21420D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Stacy ScholderOFFICEsession dates
21425D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Sandy TolanOFFICEsession dates
21427D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Diane WinstonOFFICEsession dates
21431D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12OFFICEsession dates
21401D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Dana ChinnOFFICEsession dates
21402D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12OFFICEsession dates
21407D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Vince GonzalesOFFICEsession dates
21408D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Rebecca HaggertyOFFICEsession dates
21411D001Lecture4:00-5:40pmMonday2 of 8Gabriel KahnANN209session dates
21414D001LectureTBATBA1 of 12Alan MittelstaedtOFFICEsession dates
21417D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Michael ParksOFFICEsession dates
21418D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Richard ReevesOFFICEsession dates
21419D001LectureTBATBA2 of 12Joe SaltzmanOFFICEsession dates
21421D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Philip SeibOFFICEsession dates
21422D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Willa SeidenbergOFFICEsession dates
21423D001LectureTBATBA0 of 12Roberto SuroOFFICEsession dates
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