USC Schedule of Classes

Fall 2017

Information Technology Program 090x:

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop (2.0 units)

Basic concepts of colors; color calibration tools; scanning, importing and exporting images; painting, editing, fill, and type tools; using layers, masks, filters, and color correction. Not available for degree credit. Graded CR/NC.
  • Note: Class not available for degree credit.
31800R001Lecture-Lab5:00-7:50pmMonday24 of 30Chander BurgosSAL109PDF (63117 KB)notesession dates
31802R001Lecture-Lab5:00-7:50pmTuesday26 of 32Chander BurgosKOH208PDF (63457 KB)notesession dates
31885R001Lecture-Lab3:30-6:20pmMonday21 of 32Chander BurgosSAL126PDF (63117 KB)notesession dates
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