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Fall 2017

General Education Seminar 120g:

Seminar in Humanistic Inquiry (4.0 units)

Interpretation and analysis of works of the imagination, exploring language, thought, and cultural traditions in relation to one another. (Satisfies GE-B, Humanistic Inquiry) Open only to Freshmen.
  • Restriction: Registration open to the following class level(s): Freshmen
  • General Education: This course satisfies the university's general education requirement.
  • Note: Instructions on how to obtain department authorization (d-clearance) for GESM courses are available at
Conquest and Revolution in 20th Century Mexican Literary and Visual Texts
35325D001Lecture8:00-9:20amMon, Wed17 of 18Liana StepanyanGFS229notesession dates
Democracy, Dissent, and Assimilation
35327D001Lecture8:30-9:50amMon, Wed15 of 18James Lewis HeftVKC255Word (22600 KB)session dates
Are Corporations People?
35328D001Lecture8:30-9:50amMon, Wed
17 of 17
Kenneth SilverTHH117PDF (133472 KB)session dates
A Sea of History Writing the Caribbean
35329D001Lecture8:30-9:50amMon, Wed14 of 17Ronald Mendoza-De JesusVPD107PDF (739356 KB)session dates
Kings and Heroes, Villains and Saints
35330D001Lecture9:00-9:50amMWF17 of 18Hani KhafipourGFS228session dates
Culture, Conformity, Revolt
35331D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu
17 of 17
David RolloVKC207session dates
Adolescence in Hispanic Literature and Film
35332D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu17 of 18Leah KempVPD107session dates
Political Philosophy Meets Reality
35334D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu
19 of 19
Sharon LloydGFS228Word (35018 KB)session dates
Utopianism and the History of "Progress"
35335D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu12 of 18Nina EliasophVKC256session dates
The Power of Place
35336D001Lecture9:30-10:50amTue, Thu17 of 18Karen HalttunenVKC255session dates
What is a Good Life? Foundations of Western Ethics
35339D001Lecture10:00-10:50amMWF17 of 18David AlbertsonVKC255session dates
The Ways of Paradox
19 of 19
James Van CleveVKC255session dates
America and France--Literary and Visual Representations of Turbulent Times
35343D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu12 of 17Panivong NorindrVKC207session dates
Women in Ancient Literature
35345D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu
18 of 18
Kristine GarrowayMRF229session dates
Types and Stereotypes in Films of the American Western Genre
35346D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu18 of 19Percival EverettVKC200session dates
Women and Revolution in the Middle East
35347D001Lecture11:00-12:20pmTue, Thu
18 of 18
Sarah GualtieriGFS229session dates
Eastern European Crime Stories: Legal Fiction Crime to Punishment
35352D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
18 of 18
Anna KrakusWPH205session dates
Masterpieces of the Short Story
35353D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu18 of 19Alexander ZholkovskyWPH106session dates
Health and the Body Politic in African Literature and Film
35354D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
17 of 17
Julie Van DamGFS107PDF (1016729 MB)session dates
On Beauty
35357D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu15 of 17Daniel TiffanyGFS228session dates
Borderland Encounters--Haitian and Dominican Literature and Culture
35358D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu12 of 17Nathalie BragadirVKC200session dates
Literature of Resistance
35359D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu
17 of 17
Yaffa WeismanVKC255session dates
The Uncanny in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
18 of 18
Thea TomainiLVL3Ysession dates
The Hebrew Bible, New Testament and the Qur'an in Dialogue
35362D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed13 of 18Reuven FirestoneWPHB26session dates
Unorthodox Jewish Writing in the Americas
35363D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed6 of 17Erin Graff ZivinVKC155PDF (222940 KB)session dates
Representing the Holocaust
35364D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed
18 of 18
Sharon GillermanVKC154session dates
Scandalous Ethics
35365D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed
19 of 19
Stephen FinlayVKC252session dates
Traditional Chinese Stories to Awaken the World
35366D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed17 of 18Mengjun LiSOSB48session dates
Kurosawa's Cosmos:from Noh to Dostoevsky
35367D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed
17 of 17
Kerim YasarWPH203session dates
Faith and Doubt in the Secular Age
35369D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed18 of 19Beatrice SanfordVKC200session dates
Transforming Italy: Italian Literature Today
35372D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu
18 of 18
James FortneyVKC210PDF (270929 KB)session dates
The Japanese Warrior in War and Peace
35375D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu16 of 18Dan ShererVKC200session dates
Time in Culture and Social Experience
35376D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu13 of 18Emily ZeamerGFS229session dates
On Beauty
35377D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu
18 of 18
Daniel TiffanyGFS228session dates
The Poetics of Loss
35378D001Lecture2:00-3:20pmTue, Thu14 of 16Marci VogelVKC255session dates
Italianisms: Introduction to Modern Italy
35380D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed
18 of 18
Gian-Maria AnnoviGFS228session dates
Sites of Memory in Modern Arabic Letters
35381D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed8 of 17Veli N YashinVKC255Word (84260 KB)session dates
Christianity in the Roman Empire
35382D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed11 of 17Sheila BriggsVKC254session dates
Mindfulness in Cultural Practices
35383D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed
19 of 19
Thomas WardGFS229session dates
On Beauty
35384D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmTue, Thu16 of 17Daniel TiffanyGFS228session dates
The Corporation: An Intellectual History
35385D001Lecture3:30-4:50pmMon, Wed
17 of 17
Asheesh SiddiqueLVL3YWord (109798 KB)session dates
Christianity in the Roman Empire
35389D001Lecture5:00-6:20pmMon, Wed11 of 17Sheila BriggsVKC254session dates
Girlhood: Twentieth Century Perspectives
35390D001Lecture5:00-6:20pmTue, Thu
17 of 17
Dana JohnsonTHH117session dates
The Autobiographical I(mpulse)
35391D001Lecture5:00-6:20pmTue, Thu16 of 17David UlinVKC108session dates
Reading Black Love
35395D001Lecture12:30-1:50pmTue, Thu18 of 19Lanita JacobsKAP167PDF (597216 KB)session dates
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