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Fall 2017

Chemistry 322bL:

Organic Chemistry (4.0 units)

Chemistry of the carbon compounds of the aliphatic and aromatic series; laboratory preparation of typical compounds of both series. Lecture, 3 hours jointly with CHEM 325abL; laboratory and discussion, 4 hours. For premedical and predental students, and some categories of biology majors and engineers.
  • Prerequisite: CHEM 322A
  • Note: Register for one lecture, quiz, one discussion and one lab
17460R001Lecture10:00-10:50amMWF143 of 200Barry ThompsonSGM124notesession dates
17462R001Discussion12:00-12:50pmThursday48 of 150SGM124session dates
17464R001Discussion1:00-1:50pmThursday95 of 150SGM124session dates
17466R001Quiz3:30-4:50pmMonday143 of 200SGM124session dates
17472D001Lab10:00-12:50pmTuesday7 of 10SGM204session dates
17474D001Lab10:00-12:50pmTuesday9 of 10SGM204session dates
10 of 10
SGM209session dates
17476D001Lab1:00-3:50pmTuesday9 of 10SGM204session dates
17478D001Lab1:00-3:50pmTuesday9 of 10SGM204session dates
17479D001Lab1:00-3:50pmTuesday8 of 10SGM209session dates
17480D001Lab1:00-3:50pmTuesday8 of 10SGM209session dates
17482D001Lab1:00-3:50pmTuesday8 of 10SGM209session dates
11 of 11
SGM209session dates
17486D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday10 of 12SGM209session dates
17488D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday10 of 12SGM209session dates
17490D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday9 of 12SGM209session dates
17491D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday8 of 12SGM209session dates
17492D001Lab1:00-3:50pmWednesday11 of 12SGM204session dates
17497D001LabTBATBA17 of 21OFFICEsession dates
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