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Fall 2017

Anthropology 200Lg:

The Human Animal (4.0 units)

Foundations of the human species. Examination of scientific evidence from Darwinian theory, primate behavior, fossils, and the behavior of modern people. Laboratory. Duplicates credit in former ANTH 200Lg.
  • General Education: This course satisfies the university's general education requirement.
  • Crosslist: This course is offered by the HBIO department but may qualify for major credit in ANTH. To register, enroll in HBIO 200.
38511R001Lecture2:00-3:20pmMon, Wed187 of 198Stephanie BogartSGM123PDF (138340 KB)session dates
38513R001Lab8:00-9:50amTuesday21 of 22Cecily PulverAHFB10session dates
22 of 22
James AskewAHFB10session dates
22 of 22
James AskewAHFB10session dates
38517R001Lab10:00-11:50amTuesday20 of 22Cecily PulverAHFB10session dates
38518R001Lab12:00-1:50pmMonday20 of 22Cecily PulverAHFB10session dates
22 of 22
Elizabeth BeachemAHFB10session dates
38528R001Lab12:00-1:50pmTuesday20 of 22James AskewAHFB10session dates
38537R001Lab8:00-9:50amThursday19 of 22Elizabeth BeachemAHFB10session dates
38538R001Lab12:00-1:50pmThursday21 of 22Elizabeth BeachemAHFB10session dates
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