Education 790:

Research (1.0-12.0 units)

Research leading to the doctorate. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.
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    Lawrence Picus,
    Ruth Chung
    OFFICEnotesession dates
    26538D3233.0LectureTBATBA0 of 10Julie SlaytonOFFICEnotesession dates
    26539D0593.0LectureTBATBA6 of 10Julie SlaytonOFFICEsession dates
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    Alan Green,
    Briana Hinga
    OFFICEsession dates
    26541D0593.0LectureTBATBA11 of 12Paula Carbone,
    Jenifer Crawford
    OFFICEsession dates
    26542D0593.0LectureTBATBA20 of 21Rudy Castruita,
    Pedro Garcia
    OFFICEsession dates
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    Michael EscalanteOFFICEsession dates
    26544D0591.0-12.0LectureTBATBA4 of 15Julie SlaytonOFFICEsession dates
    26545D0593.0LectureTBATBA18 of 19Kenneth YatesOFFICEsession dates
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    Stuart Gothold,
    Maria Ott
    OFFICEsession dates
    26547D0593.0LectureTBATBA15 of 16Patricia Tobey,
    Wayne Combs
    OFFICEsession dates
    26548D0593.0LectureTBATBA11 of 12Melora Sundt,
    Kenneth Yates
    OFFICEsession dates
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    Kathy StoweOFFICEsession dates
    26550D0593.0LectureTBATBA12 of 14Tracy Tambascia,
    Jamie Hoffman
    OFFICEsession dates
    26611D3451.0LectureTBATBA17 of 20Mark RobisonOFFICEnotesession dates
    26681D0591.0-12.0LectureTBATBA15 of 25Tatiana MelguizoOFFICEsession dates
    27469D3281.0Lecture6:30-8:00pmWednesday10 of 16Alison MuraszewskiONLINEnotesession dates
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