USC Schedule of Classes

Fall 2015

Electrical Engineering 101:

Introduction to Digital Logic (3.0 units)

Boolean algebra; number systems; Boolean function synthesis; binary arithmetic; codes; combinational logic devices; sequential circuits; state machine design and implementation. Duplicates credit in former EE 154.
    30409R001Quiz5:00-6:50pmFriday42 of 80TBAsession dates
    30404D001Lecture6:00-7:20pmMon, Wed34 of 37Michael CastleVHE217feesession dates
    30892R001Discussion8:00-9:20amFriday29 of 36VHE205feesession dates
    30401D001Lecture4:00-5:20pmMon, Wed44 of 51Han WangTHH210feesession dates
    30402R001Discussion2:00-3:20pmFriday26 of 30VHE205session dates
    31333R001Discussion3:30-4:50pmFriday23 of 30VHE205session dates
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